Your Guide to Student Loans

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So, you’ve gotten into the college of your dreams. Your transcripts are stellar, your bags are packed, and your mom is already turning your room into her personal yoga wonderland. Yet somehow you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve forgotten something. What could it be? Oh, right, that’s it! Just how do you plan on [...]

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PLUS Loans

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Paying for their children’s education is a concern that keeps parents awake at night. Sometimes savings programs can not keep up with the rising costs of a college education. In an attempt to assist parents coping with college costs the federal government has come up with the PLUS Loan programs. PLUS Loans are federal loans [...]

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Stafford Loans

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Stafford Loans are the most common type of federal student loans for post-secondary education. There are several different types of Stafford Loans. There are subsidized Stafford Loans which are based on need and unsubsidized Stafford Loans which are not need based. There is the Direct Loan Program which is funded by the Federal Government and [...]

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The Basics of Private Student Loans

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For prudent borrowers, private student loans or alternative student loans can be viable financial vehicles to fund an entire college education or for paying other school expenses.
The borrowers can use the private student loans to pay for the attendant costs of schooling such as the need for a personal computer, books and laboratory fees, spending [...]

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Education Loans

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An education loan is a loan that will be offered to all students that are starting or already in higher education. Education loans are usually used for helping the students pay the cost of their education. These education loans carry a smaller interest rate than any other type of loan. This is because these education [...]

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